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Upcoming Programs + Events

Women's Wisdom Online Course

Self-Paced Online Course
Launches: June 10th!

Pre-registration Price: $99

Women's Wisdom is a self-paced program that explores the 4 phases of the menstrual cycle from both a scientific and an intuitive level. It helps women embrace their inner wisdom and feel at home in their body. If you want to improve your health + wellness in a holistic way that honors the seasonal nature of a woman's body, this is for you! THIS is the stuff we should have learned back in health class!

An Introduction to Folk Herbalism

90 Minute Workshop
Location + date pending.

This one's for the plant folks!  In this workshop we'll discuss + demonstrate how you can make your own herbal remedies for you and your family at home.  We'll start by discussing what folk herbalism is and then we'll move into herbal actions (how herbs work and what effect they have on the body).  Next we'll discuss some easy and basic herbal preparations and how to make them.  Each participant will have access to some common herbs & all supplies will be provided.  Finally we will talk about the importance of plant I.D. and how to grow these herbs at home.  My intention is to have this be an in-person workshop but will depend on restrictions.

Astrological Birth Chart Reading

60 Minute Online Appointment

Did you know that the moment you took your first breath, you were imprinted with a unique signature from the planets?  By exploring your birth chart we can uncover insights into your life path, your strengths, and potential obstacles/shadows.  When we understand our nature we can better navigate our lives and feel more at home within ourselves.  

Birth chart insights can assist us with our career, relationships, finances, lifestyle, and so much more!  During your reading you will have the opportunity to ask questions to gain clarity.  

I like to take a grounded approach to astrology, bringing the wisdom of the stars down to earth so we can apply the information to our day-to-day lives in a meaningful way.

Spring Plant Walk: Date TBD

90 Minute Plant Walk
Location pending.
Date TBD

Are you new to the world of plants and want to learn how to properly ID + harvest food and medicine? We'll take a walk and learn to identify some common herbs that are great for harvesting in the spring.  There will be a heavy emphasis on responsible harvesting and sustainability.  Please dress appropriately for the weather, bring a notebook, and don't forget a bottle of water (or a thermos with a warm bevy because let's face it, it might be a little chilly)! We are looking at sometime shortly before or after May Long weekend.  If restrictions do not allow gathering, I will put together a video!

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about wildflower

Located in Flin Flon, Manitoba where the Boreal Forest and the Canadian Shield intertwine in perfect harmony.

Danielle is a folk herbalist and meditation guide; she is currently completing her studies in Holistic Nutrition.  Danielle has a love for all things natural and her life's work includes re-uniting health and wellness with the earth and our environment.  She is passionate about Women's Health and loves to work with both the natural rhythms of our bodies and the cycles of the earth.  With the rise of disease and environmental disasters, it's important that we start to turn inward so we can reconnect with ourselves and, in turn, reconnect with the planet.

All in-person appointments are held in The Den (29 Main Street - 2nd Floor of the old Co-Op building and down the right hallway).
Online appointments are available via Zoom or Skype.

If you are a business or company and would like to book a workshop as part of a workplace wellness program, please e-mail and we can work together!