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A natural approach to women's health + wellness.

Welcome to Wildflower!  I'm Danielle, a women's herbalist and educator in the Flin Flon area.  I use an integrative approach to help women dealing with a variety of health concerns including hormones + cycle health, digestion, and stress/burnout.  My work is fueled by my own health journey after dealing with mental health, poor digestion, adult acne, terrible pms, and low energy throughout my late teens until my early 30s.

I love to incorporate the wisdom from all my areas of education including herbalism, nutrition, yoga, meditation, mindfulness, and YES, even some from my environmental biology days.  I am a multi-passionate woman and truly feel like it's part of my mission on earth to help other women cultivate a deeper connection to their bodies and the Earth.  Despite many people now referring to the increase in women's health issues as 'normal', our bodies are actually designed to run smoothly and feel amazing! 

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Online Courses

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A deeply nourishing and embodied approach to reclaiming your health + rewilding your life.  An Elemental Life explores the elements, Ayurveda, and seasonal living and how these concepts can drastically change your wellness.  You'll learn how to tune in to your body + your unique needs and build a lifestyle that supports your bio-individuality.  Improve digestion, promote hormone health, support your nervous system, and so much more!  This course is available for pre-sale for only $222.  Launch date is October 25th, 2022 on the New Moon!

Shop the Apothecary!

Here you will find a small collection of plant remedies that were lovingly creating in my home within the Boreal Forest.  I try to source my ingredients as locally as possible and many are wildcrafted right here in the north.

As always, please consult with your healthcare provider if you have any existing conditions, are pregnant, or are on medications.  The information provided in the product descriptions is for educational purposes only.  These products are meant to act as supports for the body and are not intended to treat health conditions.

*At this time items from the apothecary are available for local pick-up/drop-off only.

I am not currently offering shipping*