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A Return to Our
Herbal Roots

Welcome to Wildflower!

My work as an herbalist and nutrition educator blossomed from a lifetime love of nature.  It continues to be fed by my own healing journey and the witnessing of a society that has become so disconnected from themselves and from the Earth.  I remember the days of early adulthood where I was struggling with digestive, hormonal, and mental health issues.  One day something shifted in my mind and I realized that my depression was my teacher.  It wasn't my depression, or any of my other issues, that were the problem.. they were the language my body was using to tell me something was imbalanced.

Thus began a leap of faith that involved years of study in nutrition, herbalism, yoga, and mindfulness.  In June of 2022 I finally decided to leave my job so I could put my heart + soul in to helping others.. and so began the full-time pursuit of Wildflower.

My mission with Wildflower is to walk with you as we return to our herbal roots and our natural way of being.  I offer a variety of online programs/courses, a small collection of herbal medicines, local workshops, and 1-on-1 herb + nutrition support.

I can't wait to connect!

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Custom Workshops

I offer custom classes + workshops for small and large groups.  If you are interested in booking a private class or workshop, please use the contact form below!


Workshops + classes available include:

yoga + mindfulness (sports, prenatal/postnatal, stress reduction and mental wellness) //

herbalism (foraging + plant id, herb gardening, and making plant remedies)  //

health + wellness (traditional nutrition, perspectives on holistic health, women's health empowerment, etc.)

Contact Us

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Study at The Herbal Academy!

Whether you want to become an herbalist or refine your skills, The Herbal Academy has

a variety of courses that will help you along your path to herbalism.

Click the link to browse their programs + courses. 

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