Connect back to the body and breath.  We begin this medtation by bringing our awareness to each part of the body, with no judgements or attachments.  We finish by bringing our awareness to the breath, and allowing it to act as our anchor when the mind starts to wander.  Bringing our awareness to the body and the breath are an excellent practice in mindfulness.  Most days, we are on the go and don't take the time to tune in or check in  with the body.  Download the audio file and join me on this wonderful, relaxing journey that needs no previous meditation experience! 
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15 Minute Body Scan & Breath Meditation Audio File

  • Music: Mer-Ka-Ba by Jesse Gallagher
    This meditation is created by Wildflower Holistic Health's Danielle Kathleen, 200-hour Meditation Instructor, and should not be replicated or re-sold in any way.